TLT Consultancy

The Learning and Training Consultancy has been the preferred training service provider for PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) in firms around the Asia Pacific region.
The organisation is established to meet the growing demand for expertise in continuing education in the area of DiSTS: Digital Internet Software Tools trainings.

We are living in the era of Knowledge Economy. Thus, employers have realised the importance of investing in Human Capital Development and the results will eventually link to the organisation goals.The health of the firm lies in the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of Human Capital.
A well-trained employee will ensure efficiency, effectiveness and increase productivity of the firm, which can be achieved through creating a conducive working environment and providing relevant trainings to assist them in doing work using the best practices.
Here, in The Learning and Training Consultancy acknowledge these needs and our trainers has been in this training industry for more than 22 years and above.
Our Training Modules has been specifically designed to transfer tacit knowledge into positive output and work-attitude. The Learning and Training Consultancy offers high-quality teaching that is tailored to the needs of our clientèle.

TLT Consultancy collaboration in Singapore
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