SkillsFuture Credit-Eligible: MOBILEAPPS DESIGN FOR BEGINNERS. (Synchronous e-Learning) $99 SGD only!!


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This is a Virtual Learning Classroom. (Synchronous e-Learning)
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  1. Familiar with Zooms Online Conferencing Tools
  2. Updated Computer Laptop with working Camera and Microphone
  3. Minimum Computer with Window 7 and above with Chrome Browser
  4. With strong and stable Internet Connection

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Simple MobileApps Design for Beginners

In this one day workshop, you will learn how to:

  1. Create Simple Mobile Apps with NO Coding Knowledge. This beginner course is about creating simple Mobile Apps using software from the internet
  2. Get familiar with the website. Understanding Mobile Apps marketplace
  3. Master the feature and create apps. Familiarising with the Dashboard. Building Apps page. Building Theme customization
  4. Create Website Apps. Finishing and refining the apps pages. Linking the Mobile Apps with webpage and Google Document
  5. Managing Apps and Publishing the Mobile Apps online. Upload your APK file to your mobilephone and shared with others

Course Objectives

The course provides basic skills for participants to create a simple Mobile Apps. Participants can start building their own Mobile Apps if they are able to use Basic Microsoft Words. Whether they want to build their own Mobile Apps for a small business or personal Mobile Apps, they will save exorbitant costs. Suitable for self-starters who are willing to invest some effort into maintaining their own mobile Apps

The course covers the process of why Mobile Apps should be considered as a tool based on market and consumer requirements.

The course highlights the unique features available to app developers through mobile device features and service and connects them to useful and practical features that could be developed as part of a mobile application

Who will benefits from this course

  1. Mobile Apps Designer: To create their own Mobile Apps or working as part-time as Mobile Apps Designer
  2. Online Marketer: To promote their business. Create Online Mobile Apps Shop for their Products or Services
  3. Home-based Business Owner, Self Employed, Freelancer, SMEs, who wish to build their own basic Mobile Apps to promote their services and products
  4. Trainers, Teacher, Speaker : To promote their own Mobile Apps and personal image and private consultancy and coaching

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